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Choose French, Spanish, Russian, or Mandarin!

(Relaxed) Middle School Classes

Students in 6th to 8th grades enjoy interactive lessons designed to help them develop their vocabulary and grammar skill set. Students are grouped by age and experience level to maximize learning. Each week students will practice their target language through games, story-telling, and conversation. Teachers provide optional enrichment activities for extra practice between weekly lessons. Middle School classes are one hour long.

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Class Descriptions

One on one help to catch up or get ahead!

Private Tutoring

Individual tutoring in French, Spanish, Mandarin, or Russian is available for ages 8 & up. We provide help with grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills.  Students can schedule a one-time-only appointment or as many sessions as they need to master the material. Contact us for details about availability and pricing.

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Elementary Classes

Choose French, Spanish, Russian, or Mandarin!

Elementary students enjoy relaxed, engaging lessons while learning to discuss everyday topics such as weather, sports, animals, and more. Students are grouped according to their age and experience level, so that everyone has the opportunity to build their language skills at an appropriate pace.  Teachers also provide daily practice activities so that enthusiastic students can maximize their learning between weekly lessons. These classes start with an initial commitment of six weeks, with an option to continue on a month to month basis. Elementary classes are 45 minutes long.

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Start earning high school credit in middle school!

Middle School French and Spanish (Academic)

Middle School students who are ready to work on their high school foreign language credits can enjoy engaging lessons that cover vocabulary, grammar, culture, conversation skills, and more. Students are grouped by age and experience level. Teachers provide approximately one to two hours of independent work each week. Independent activities include online games, written homework, assessments, and projects. Parents receive quarterly grade reports for their records. Middle School classes are one hour long.

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High School French and Spanish

The perfect class to fulfill high school foreign language requirements

The formal high school French and Spanish courses cover all the crucial components of a language class: vocabulary, grammar, reading , writing, speaking, listening, pronunciation, and culture. During class time the students receive grammar instruction and practice pronunciation and conversational skills. Students will have independent work each week including listening and speaking activities, online drills and games, written homework, assessments, and projects. At this time, French is offered in levels 1 through 4, and Spanish is offered in levels 1 and 2.

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Conversational French and Spanish for Teens

Fun conversational classes for ages 12 and up!

Experienced French and Spanish learners in grades 6-12 can enjoy relaxed, creative conversational classes. These lessons are one hour per week with no required homework assignments. They are perfect as a supplement to any French or Spanish curriculum. Students participate in both spontaneous and guided conversations, and they work together to write and illustrate short stories. These classes are one hour per week.

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