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Privacy Policy

Global Goose Languages' entire purpose is to provide affordable French language classes and tutoring for the homeschooling community. To accomplish this we much collect some data and this is our policy on how we handle your data.

1. We collect only data that you have provided to us through our contact or class registration forms. This data which includes your name and email address is used only to contact you regarding classes you have signed up for or classes you have indicated that you want to sign up for in the future. We do not share your data, sell your data, or use your data in any other way. We do not directly process any payments you make for these classes and services so we never have access to or store your address, bank, or credit card information.

2. Your online data is securely stored within a database on our host's web server. When you fill out our class request form your data will be stored for a finite period of time which allows us to plan future classes and inform you when the class you want is available. Once you have registered for a class your data is kept for the time period that you are enrolled in a class for contact purposes related to that class. Once you have completed a class we may send an optional brief survey for the sole purpose of evaluating if our class met your goals and how we might improve in the future.

3. You have a right to know what data we have collected and at any time you may ask for us to provide that to you. You may also remove your information from our database at any time by filling out our request form.  All of your information will be completely removed, forever, no questions asked.

4. If at any time your private information is stolen or illegally accessed from our web server, both you and the authorities will be notified within 72 hours of the breach as required by GDPR.

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