Summer Osborn

Middle and High School French

Summer Osborn has been a French fanatic from the moment she learned to say, "Bonjour!" After studying in France and earning a degree in foreign language education, she taught in public high schools for five years before becoming a stay at home mom. When she found herself homeschooling her daughter, she realized she wanted to connect with homeschooling families and offer them a chance to learn a language in a way that fit their needs. She has been teaching homeschool groups for eleven years, and launched Global Goose Languages in 2018.

Tiffany Becker

Elementary and Middle School Spanish

Tiffany Becker is a homeschooling mom of four who has taught Spanish for 11 years and is raising her children to be bilingual using the OPOL approach. She teaches mostly Elementary and Middle School classes, but often offers other sections such as groups for adults, Parent & Child, and informal classes for teens. She loves watching the language click with her students while having fun along the way.

Ming-Hsi Chang

Elementary Chinese

Ming-Hsi is a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan. She has been teaching school- aged children Mandarin every week for several years. She has worked with heritage learners as well as homeschool co-ops. Besides English and Mandarin, she has also learned some basic French and Japanese, and she makes sure her own homeschooled children remain at-least bilingual and value their Chinese heritage and respect other cultures. She enjoys cooking, sewing, reading, hiking, and drawing.

Jael Smith


Jael has always been fascinated with the way that language works, and she enjoys sharing that enthusiasm with all ages and levels. From kindergarten through eighth grade, she was homeschooled while her family lived in China. In high school she took Spanish and fell in love with it. She will graduate from the University of Wyoming in December 2021 with a major in Spanish and a minor in Chinese. In spring 2022, she will continue on to grad school while serving as a graduate assistant for UW. During her college years, Jael has taught English as a second language, Spanish, and Chinese. She loves baking, Tae Kwon Do, and bilingual puns.