Global Goose's Referral Program

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

We are so grateful for all of the families who recommend our foreign language classes to their friends. We couldn't do this without you!

We've decided to get a bit more organized with our referral program. We also recognize that many families are facing financial uncertainty at this time, so we've added an element that allows our families to support each other.

Since the start of social distancing, many of our students have expressed how grateful they are that their children can continue their language lessons, when so many of their regular activities have been canceled. It provides normalcy, productivity, entertainment, human connection, and routine, at a time when all of those things are so important for kids. Yet, some families are facing furloughs, lay-offs, and reduced hours. These financial setbacks will have long-lasting effects for some households.

Enter our new referral program!

Anyone can sign up for a referral code that is attached to special pricing available to new customers. Participants will be given graphics, links, and information to share on social media or through email. Each time a new client registers for a class using your referral code, they get special introductory pricing, and you get $10 off your next payment for classes.

If your family is in a position to bless others, you can sign up as a volunteer to share another family's referral code! By sharing their code, you will help them earn discounts so they can continue to keep their student in an educational program that they love.

As homeschoolers ourselves, we know that the homeschool community has a big heart for taking care of each other. We hope that our referral program will make it easy for our families to give and receive help where it's needed.

To sign up for the referral program:

If your student is already enrolled in a class, email your teacher to indicate whether you want to earn discounts for yourself or for someone else.

If you do not have a student already enrolled in classes, complete the priority list form and indicate your interest in the referral program in the additional comments section:

To support a family without registering a child for a class, send us a message from the home page.